Walhalla 50 km Trail Race.......Australia
Sunday May 5th 2002

1.John Mackenzie     3:51:55
2.Nigel Aylott       4:28:29
3.Robert Embleton    4:42:34
4.Kelvin Marshall    4:44:36
5.David Styles       4:47:01
6.Garry Wilson       5:04:12
7.Kevin Cassidy      5:23:53
8.Lee Graham [F]     5:25:33
9.Bruce Salisbury    5:27:48
10.Barry Higgins     5:41:33
11.Ian Fromholtz     5:51:34
12.Ernie Hartley     5:57:18
13.Peter Gray        6:37:07
14.Stan Miskin       7:29:30
DNF. Ian Twite [got lost]

Report by Kevin Cassidy

Just a three hour drive east of Melbourne lies the beautiful and
historic goldmining township of Walhalla with a history dating back
to the mid 1800's. Nestled in the valleys at the south end of the
Baw Baw national park, Walhalla has undergone a restoration over the
last eight years that has recaptured its former glory. Even the old
miners train has been restored and now runs over a short rail link
to the Thompson River.

Bruce Salisbury and the Traralgon Harriers [along with Bruce's long
suffering wife, Margaret!] organised an excellent event.  15 runners
lined up in the 50km with another 17 tackling the 37km or 19km

The course was as scenic as you could get. Running out of Walhalla
past the old mines via the old tramway trail, across the historic
Poverty Point Bridge to the imposing Thompson River. The old rail
trail then takes you through some beautiful forests to the historic
Coopers Creek Township before crossing the historic [again] Bruntons
Bridge before a 10km climb to the summit of the ridge. The final
kilometres are similar to the finish at the Six Foot Track event in
that you drop steeply into the small township below before a very
sharp turn in the final 100 metres.  The warm sunny weather added to
the day and the course was very well marked, however Ian Twite
managed to get himself lost and his Traralgon Harriers "friends"
have promised not to let him forget it!!

Nigel Aylott got the "Gong" award for turning up late and missing
the start by 40 minutes..."I took a wrong turn on the way here" he
said flatly as he ran past me at the 30km mark.  Stan Miskin [76
years young] provided some entertainment when he toed the starting
line with his hands and knees covered in bandages and scars. Stan
finally admitted that he had had a fall during the week when he was
walking in his local suburb and found a "Hopscotch" drawn on the
footpath..Stan just couldn't help himself."I made it all the way to
the final hop before I lost my balance" he laughed.."I should know
better at my age!"

The inaugural Walhalla 50 was as good as any event that I had been
to in many years and is well worth the trip to Gippsland. Michael
Leaney of the Star Hotel kindly provided showers and a variety of
prizes as well as taking a number of photos that will appear in the
next "Ultramag". If you are heading to Walhalla at any time, make
sure you look up Michael or visit their website at