28th Annual Mt. Greylock Road Race

Dear Mountain Runner,

The 28th Annual Mt. Greylock Road Race was held yesterday in perfect
mountain running weather.  Rain, cool temps and low clouds reminded the 62
runners who competed that fall is just around the corner bringing with it
some great mountain, trail and cross country races.

The 8 mile climb to the 3491' summit of the highest peak in Massachusetts's
is not the steepest hill climb in New England, but it is different than just
about every other mountain road race in the region.  The race starts at
about 1000' above sea level and climbs to about 2900' in the first 5 miles.
The climb is broken up by numerous short flat sections and even a fast
downhill before mile 1.  What makes this course different is about 2 miles
of very flat fast running between 5.5 and 7.5 miles.  After grinding up the
climbs, your legs have to be ready to hustle for a couple miles.  For a
first time runner (like me), the final half mile is torture as the road
circles the summit in a shallow, continuous left turn.  The summit and
finish line come into view with only seconds to go in the race.

This year's men's race was won by Teva US Mountain Running Team Manager
Richard Bolt (Manchester, NH - CMS).  On the women's side, 2003 Teva US
Mountain Running Team member Nikki Kimball (Elizabethtown, NY - CMS) edged
out 2002 Teva Team member Suzy West (Putney, VT - CSU), crossing the line in
1:05:01.  Suzy did set a masters record in a time of 1:05:18.  Richard and
Nikki will be going to the 2003 World Mountain Running Trophy race in
Girdwood, AK later this month.  Suzy will be traveling to Germany for the
2003 World Masters Mountain Running Trophy.

Thanks to Bob Dion and the Western Mass Athletic Club for organizing a great
race.  Complete results can be found at:



Richard Bolt
Men's Team Manager
Teva US Mountain Running Team
43 Salisbury St.
Manchester, NH 03104