Cromwell Valley Park/Loch Raven Reservoir, Baltimore

Directions:  To Loch Raven: Take I-95 to 695 to Towson. Go north at exit 27 Dulaney Valley Road.  About 1/2 mile north of the Beltway you will find Seminary Avenue intersecting the road.  On non-service days there is a Mormon church on your left, turn left onto Seminary and then right into the parking lot.  Go back and cross Dulaney Valley Road and pick up the trail just north of Seminary Avenue.
To Cromwell Valley: Take I-95 to 695 to Towson.  Take the Cromwell Bridge exit (it may read Loch Raven Boulevard if your coming from the north) and head north on Cromwell Valley Road. About a mile up the road you will see a red brick building on your left.   Shortly thereafter is the Willow Springs entrance to Cromwell Valley Park.   Turn left, drive half a mile to parking lot.

Trail Information: These are a series of rugged inter-connected single track trails surrounding Loch Raven Resevoir. They feature plenty of rocks, roots, and hills.  Providence Road is the dividing line between the two, but if you want a really long run you can cross Providence and run the other section.  Each section has five to eight miles if you run all the loops, but if I'm going to run more than six miles I prefer to cross Providence Road and run the other section for awhile.  The trails are fairly well maintained by mountain bikers, but can wash out and be very rugged after a heavy rain.  There are no markings on the trails however, so you need to have a sense of direction.

Miscellaneous Information:  There is a water pump in Cromwell Valley Park, but other than that you should pack your own fluids.  Sander's Restaurant is just north of Cromwell Valley Park, and the owner welcomes runners as long as they have dried off before setting in his non-wicker furniture. (Ron also has a limited supply of plastic and wicker chairs)  The "Dam" breakfast and the pancakes are great post-AM run breakfasts.

Jim Adams