Results from Shoe Survey Nov/Dec 2001

AATRA Survey  
Basic Stats:  
Completed surveys 162
Average Age - Men 37
Average Age - Women 37
Men 70%
Women 30%
Average Miles/Week Run 27
States Represented (plus Canada, DC) 40
Top States:  
CO 20%
CA 13%
NY 7%
IL 4%
NC 4%
VA 4%
Sock Color Preference:  
White 54%
Black 16%
Brown 6%
Blue 6%
Green 3%
Other Light Color 3%
Other Dark Color 13%
Sock Cushion Preference  
None 18%
Lightly cushioned 35%
Medium cushioned 40%
Heavily cushioned 7%
Sock Profile  
Crew 25%
Mini-Crew 59%
Ped 0%
Mini-Ped 16%
View Socks as Accessories or Essential:  
Accessories 20%
Essential 80%
Have you ever snowshoed 30%
Participate in Snowshoe Events 20%
Owns Snowshoes 36%
Cross trains with snowshoes 43%
Why Not participate (snowshoe) - some comments  
pure silliness  
accessibility of demo "running" snowshoes  
another expense  
didn't know where to go  
Doesn't snow enough where I live. We only get less than 2 inches at a time. gore-tex runners are good enough for me.  
don't feel fast enough  
don't have snowshoes  
don't know how to get started  
don't know, i might  
don't really want to  
enjoy just snowshoeing and cross country skiing, down hill skiing, can only do so much in a day  
hate the winter  
haven't had a chance to try  
I didn't know of any local events.  
I don't have running snowshoes  
I don't know anything about it.  
I haven't made an opportunity  
I never knew of any races until this year.  
i really want to, so this winter i am going to try. i haven't yet because i haven't had the equipment. i am looking to purchase this year  
I run on trails through winter even when snow is knee deep. This is incredible conditioning and when the spring comes I race really well  
I would if I had someone to teach me, take me!  
I would rather snowboard!  
I x-c ski in the winter - more fun.  
I'm still fairly new to the sport, so I'm learning as I go! Plus, there hasn't been much snow around here. :)  
ignorance of races  
inconsistent conditions  
inertia and inconvenience  
It feels odd  
just a newbie to the sport  
just now heard about it  
location- not a lot of concentrated areas of snow  
need snoeshoes  
Never been exposed to the activity  
never have gotten 'round to it  
Never knew about it until last year  
New to Trailrunning this fall  
no interest  
No Local Races  
no money  
no snow here, too much hassle to travel for it  
No, I don't live in a part of the country that has any snow. I trail run year round.  
skis are faster  
time availability; place of race  
where i run it's mudshoe running. But, I have thought about it.  
would love to try it but have not heard of it around here.  
X-country ski or run inside instead