Directions: Take the train from SYDNEY Centrail Railway Station to "Cronulla" (about 45 mins, $2 fare). On the south side of the Cronulla Railway Station take the Ferry to Bundeena (about 30 mins, $5 fare). At Bundeena, take the road straight up past the stores, take the first street left at the top of the hill, pass the school, take the second street on the right. Follow along for 1 mile. Climb over the gate and take the first path on the left. At the ocean, turn right. Go for 16 miles to Otford, along trails atop ocean cliffs, through ravines, past surf beaches, through an incredible palm forest, to the Otford Hang Gliding area. Down the hill to the right to the train station, train back to Sydney (1.5 hrs, $7 fare).

Trail Information: The run is along a great variety and even though it is short, this is the attraction of the run. It includes sandy trails, clay-heathland between bushes, sandstone clifftops, then steel grates suspended above wet heathland, rocky cliffside pathways, beach-sand running, grassy hillsides, rainforest trails, muddy rainforest trails, jeep tracks, and ridge and ravine walking trails.

Miscellaneous Information: Check the book "the 10 best walks in Australia" for exact details. There are no kiosks along the route, despite what the book says.