Copper Canyon to Canyon Trail Marathon+: 27-29 miles;
point to point-[Batopilas to Urique]  
Date: Sunday November 23, 2003
Also: Sunday March 7, 2004 run in reverse direction
[Urique to Batopilas].

time: 7 am
entry: $100 [goes to food and lodging for Tarahumara runners as well as prize money for the top 10 Tarahumara runners; also paying locals a days wages to work aid stations].

Entry Limit: 30 non-local runners.
Pre-enter by October 20 for Nonember 23 run;
February 1 for March 7 run.

Note: For those runners who can not afford to make this donation [such as locals and the Tarahumara], then the race fee is nothing [nada]--KORIMA [gift/sharing]. This is based on availability of spaces. There will be a 30 non-indian runner limit.

For those who can afford more, or would like to make a donation of bulk food or whatever KORIMA feels right, then this can be presented directly to the Tarahumara at the low-key awards ceremony to be held at the "Plaza" Restaurant at 7 PM on Sunday night, after the run.

Important info:
There will be a MANDATORY pre race trail briefing for runners unfamiliar with this course, to be held at the race finish in Urique on the Thursday before the race, Nov.20, at a noon lunch in "The Plaza" restaurant, followed by an overnighter trail hike in reverse from the finish in Urique to the start in Batopilas. That afternoon we will walk about the first 8 or 9 miles of this beautifully diverse trail that will lead us about 28 or 29 tough miles into the old mining pueblo of Batopilas, located 5,900 feet deep in the neighboring Batopilas canyon. Runners should leave their travel belongings either with Doug at hotel "Rancho Del Oso", located near to the train station above the western rim of the Urique canyon, or in Urique. Pack mules and trucks can return runner's extra clothing and camping gear from our camp sight 9 miles away, to the finish in Urique for a small fee, or runners may return to Los Alisos to retrieve their own things. Runners will be responsible for their own provisions while on the trail during this practice hike. NOTE: Bring a light water filter or purification tablets. There will also be a $5 camping fee [per person] for runners and their friends/family who may want to join us that first day, to camp on this property. This fee will go directly to the friendly family who live here.
Most details for the March 7 run will be the same, but, in reverse. The March 7 practice hike will be one long day [optional camp], leaving early Friday morning, with 2 nights rest in Urique prior to the run.

This hike is for runners/hikers to become familiar with the trail and to see first hand [or foot!] what they will be dealing with on race day [the course will not be marked!]. We will camp in the beautiful, lush arroyo 'Los Alisos' on the property of Doug Rhodes and Prospero Torres. This will be at about the 20 mile mark of the actual race and a key aid station after making the gnarly, steep and rocky descent to arrive at this rancho aid station! At this aid station there will be fresh spring water, grapefruit, fresh ground and hand patted corn tortillas and burritos along with 'pinole' {slightly roasted, finely ground corn powder}.

The following Friday morning we will continue our hike for about 20 miles to Batopilas where we will rest until the Sunday morning race start.

In Batopilas there will be an assortment of hotels and restaurants to rest and fuel up prior to the Sunday morning start of the race. Those who may feel that this run might be a bit too much, may opt to 'bail out' in Batopilas or walk back to Urique, or even take the daily bus out of Batopilas, catching the train in Creel, then busing back down to the finish [this is a long trip!!]. NOTE: The logistics of this point to point event are very challenging!

Sunday, Nov.23, 7 am:
The run will begin, departing from in front of la casa del Caballo Blanco [my house]. Most of us will dance all day, with and through the 'mother mountains', moving to the sweet rhythm of her heart-beat, the heartbeat of freedom. This will be a very challenging run that will roll 7 miles along the river to the village of Cerro Colorado[red hill], before climbing almost 4,000 feet out of Batopilas canyon, then crossing 6 miles of oak and pine covered mountains before making the gnarly, steep and rocky almost 3,000 foot in two mile descent into the Urique canyon to the lovely arroyo 4Los Alisos' and a much needed rest/fuel stop. From Los Alisos, runners will roll more gradually on a beautiful single track and roller coaster like trail about 1,100 feet in three miles down to the Urique river where we will cross the river and run the last 5 miles on a dirt road into the town plaza and finish of the race in the old pueblo of Urique.

All one day finishers win automatic entry into the exclusive "Club Mas Loco"-[As of this writing there are 6 Tarahumara indians and 4 non-indian [including 1 woman from Holland!], members of this club]. Bueno suerte [good luck!]

Caballo Blanco [Presidente; Club Mas Loco]
Micah True