Rio Urique, (Urique/Copper Canyon), Chihuahua, MÉXICO

Directions:: Make your way to the 6,000 foot deep canyon town of Urique. You can do this by train to the west rim, or hiking from canyon to canyon from Batopilas, or riding your bike from wherever! [Or take a bus!] Run on dirt road to the end of the road past the little settlement of La Laja. From La Laja continue down river a couple of hundred meters until coming to the end of the rocky river beach trail. From here you will see foot-holds in the rock cliffs where Tarahumara indians walk along the sides and over these rock cliffs. After traversing the rock cliffs there will be a rolling trail that rolls as far as you want along the Urique river, crossing the river at times on a suspension bridge before continuing for miles down river.

Trail Information:: There will be various arroyos[side canyons] with trails leading off to the east into the 'mother mountains' [la sierra madre], enabling runners to cross la sierra at several places to make the canyon to canyon trek/run over to the 6,000 foot deep Batopilas canyon where runners/hikers can stay over in an assortment of inexpensive lodging before running/hiking back over on another route, thus making a double canyon run/hike. Or you can just keep rolling along the river that has numerous sandy beaches for hanging out and fishing, swimming and camping.

Miscellaneous Information:: If you would like an experienced trail companion/guide to share with you some of these trails in the deep canyons and/or la sierra madre, then I would be happy to do so--Pack animals to carry your gear optional.

Address: 742 Nederland Co. 80466--or ask anybody in Batopilas where lives 'caballo blanco'

Micah True [Caballo Blanco]