Resurrection Pass Trail/50mi ultra, Hope/Coopers Landing (Anchorage)

Directions: South of Anchorage on the seward highway, then west on the sterling hwy just past coopers landing.  Trail head on the north (right) side just after crossing the kenai river for the 2nd time.

From the north, you can go to Hope, AK and it's just southeast of town on the airport road.

Trail Information: The race is an informal no-aide, no-fee, no-shirt gathering of some fabulous runners from the area... it's 38.7mi on the trail and then 12 mi on the coeur d'alene campground road.

Awesome trail... low, high, overlooking the teal blue glacier silt kenai river, past alpine lakes, glacier views, peaks, valleys, but overall rolling and quite gentle... 1/2 point is resurrection pass at 19mi... then winding back down, over streams/bridges, thru old old fire scarred timber, etc...

Potential for bears, moose, caribou, beavers, otters, etc... just amazing!

Miscellaneous Information: You can run it, hike it, fast pack it, bike it, snow machine it?? In the winter perhaps, snowshoe it, ski it, or anything your heart desires, but just do it! :)

The race director is Rob DeVelice... works for US forest service i think.

Kristin jossi