Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, Anchorage

Directions: The northern trail head is located at 2nd Avenue and H Street, downtown Anchorage. The southern trail head is located at Kincaid Park. Travel east on Raspberry Road. Where Raspberry Road terminates, the access road to Kincaid Park begins.

Trail Information: The Coastal Trail is a paved trail that ventures 10+ miles north and south along the coastlines of Knik Arm and Cook Inlet. The trail gets progressively more remote, as you travel south, with limited accessibility along the last 5 miles. The Alaska Railroad tracks parallel the trail between 2nd Avenue and Westchester lagoon and trains are frequently seen. The trail skirts Anchorage Airport, between mileposts 3 and 7, and low flying jets are frequently encountered. This trail presents some considerable grades on its approaches to Earthquake Park (mileposts 2-2.5), Point Woronzof (mileposts 3-4), and Kincaid Park (mileposts 8.5-9. Moose are frequently seen along the trail with more spottings likely on the most southern part of the trail. There is no access to potable water along the trail itself so it is advisable to carry your own.

Miscellaneous Information: The section of trail from 2nd Avenue and H Street to Westchester lagoon (1.28 miles) is not marked by mileposts; however, the remaining 9 miles of trail are marked every 1/2 mile. For a virtual tour of the Coastal Trail, visit "Trails of Anchorage"

Bob Roberts.