Dixie Mine/Thompson Peak Trail, Fountain Hills, AZ

Dixie Mine/Thompson Peak Trail, Fountain Hills

Directions: Palisades Blvd. North to Golden Eagle (left) to end of road.  Road end will be at Eagles Nest Subdivision Trailhead public parking for the Dixie Mine Trail.  This is a gated community that allows access thru the subdivision into the McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  The Dixie Mine Trail starts at the park boundary & meanders thru the desert leading to the maintained road leading to the top of Thompson Peak.

Trail Information: If you follow the directions for the Thompson Peak Trail listed elsewhere on this site, you will be using a maintained road all the way up to the top of Thompson Peak.  Dull.  Use the Dixie mine trail for a more scenic run to the Peak.  Use the Dixie Mine trail to the road, then finish using the road because the Dixie Mine Trail ends at the road.

Miscellaneous Information: The trail is single track, the road section is maintained dirt.  The road section is VERY steep, do not expect to run up it.  Slow walk at the steepest sections.  Great view at the top.

John Hewitt