North Rim to South Rim, Grand Canyon

Directions:   Just head for the Grand Canyon Park, Arizona

Trail Information:  You can cross north to south or vice versa.   I prefer north to south.  It is 14 miles down hill and then across the bottom of the canyon and then 7.5 miles up hill.  We have even done over one day and back the next.  Double crossings.

Miscellaneous Information:  The park does not like to hear of individuals trying to cross in one day.  If they hear that you are doing so, they may fine you.  We have had people in our running group that have crossed in 5 1/2 hours.   I personally have never done better than 6 1/2.  This is absolutely my favorite trail run, that is until I experience a new challenging one.  Lots of good camping on either side. Or hotel it.

Dana Nemer