Annadel State Park, Santa Rosa

Directions:    From U.S. 101, take State route 12 east.  Turn left on Farmers Lane, then right on Montgomery Drive.  Stay on Montgomery Dr. for approx. 3 miles; turn right on Channel Drive and go to the parking lot at the end of road.

Trail Information: Multiple trailheads with many loop possibilities.  Park maintains approx. 40-50 miles of trails  No water available on the trails.  Water available at Ranger Station and at the parking lot.  All trails are hilly, but climbs are generally less than 500-600 feet.  Lake Ilsanjo is good for a swim.   

Miscellaneous Information:  Expect to see lots of mountain bikers and a few equestrians.  Pick up a map at the ranger station on Channel Dr.

Bud McMahon