Pacific Crest Trail, just north of LA, Agua Dulce

Directions:  Take I-5 north to CA rte 14. Get off 14 at Agua Dulce Canyon Rd & follow signs to Vasquez Rocks Park. Lots of parking at VRP and some great rock ledges to scramble around on, too.

Trail Information:
  There are several 1 mile trails in the park, but the Pacific Coast Trail runs through the park as well. Watch for the long, flat brown wooden signs. Follow the trail east to eventually go under the highway and up and around several steep hills towards the south. Follow the trail west from the park and run a bit of the highway before heading back into the wild and
into Angeles National Forest. Water only in the park.

Miscellaneous Information:  No gas around this place, so fuel up in Santa Clarita (off the 14 at San Fernandon Rd exit) before you go up the 14 too far.

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