South Yuba River trail, Nevada City

Directions:  From Sacramento, CA take Interstate 80 East toward Reno, NV. In Auburn, CA exit at State Highway 49. At the stop light turn left and head North on Highway 49 through Auburn,CA. After you leave Auburn the first town you will go through is Grass Valley. Highway 49 becomes a freeway just south of Grass Valley. Then you will come into Nevada City. You will need to make a left turn, to stay on highway 49. After you have the left turn the second right is North Bloomfield road. You will see the 49ers FireStation, were you make the right hand turn. The road winds up for about 1/2 mile at the top turn right to stay on North Bloomfield road. They road has a lot of curves to it. Once past the Diamond Arrow Conference Center, the road narrows downhill for 1 1/2miles. Use lower gears or you will wear you brakes driving down the steep grade. At the bottom of the hill is Edwards Crossing and it's one lane bridge. This road is ok for cars and pickup trucks, but not for motorhomes. The road on the other side of the bridge becomes dirt/gravel/ruts. You drive uphill for 1-1/2 miles to you come to the intersection with Grizzly Hill road. You go through a small housing area, and once passed the Far Out House turn right then left for the Trailhead of the Bureau of Land Managements, South Yuba River National Trail. There is also a Trailhead down at Edwards Crossing.  Go to Map.

Trail Information:  The total distance of the South Yuba trail system from Purdon Crossing to Edwards crossing is 4.5 to 5 miles. Surface is dirt, rock, shale, with blown down trees, rattlesnakes, Poison Oak, deer,bear. Hikers, Mtn Bikers and horseback riders use the trail. There is a lateral trail up to the Round Mt. Trailhead. The lateral trail is about half the distance between Edwards and Purdon Crossings. The distance up or down is about 1-1/2 miles. From Edwards Crossing bridge, you can run up the dirt road for 1-1/2miles or about 1/2mile up there is a re open trail that will take you into the B.L.M.'s South Yuba Campground between campsites 12 & 13. From the B.L.M.s South Yuba River Trailhead you can run straight through to the U.S. Forest Service's Poorman's Ck. Trailhead near the town of Washington, CA. The Trail on the B.L.M section is approx. 6 miles of nice trail at 2,600. Trail goes through oak woodlands some brush covered areas. You get good views of the South Yuba River from the trail. There are two backcountry picnic area arounds along the trail. One at Overlook pt. Distance from trail head 1-1/2miles,The other at Humbug Ck. 4-4.5miles from trailhead. There is also a backcountry ampground at Primitive Camp, 4.8-5 miles from trailhead. The B.L.M. Section of the trail ends 1.4miles past Primitive camp. The next 9 miles is through U.S. Forest Service lands. There is a section of switchbacks near either Logan ck. or Union Canyon Ck. The trail ends at Poorman's Ck, near Washington Ca. The trail from Purdon to Edwards crossing is on the South side of the river or your facing North. Edwards to Poorman's Ck theTrail is on the North side of the river or facing South. Total distance of trail is Appox. 22 miles

Miscellaneous Information: B.L.M.'s South Yuba Campground is open from Apr 1st to Oct 15th. Camp fee is $5.00/night/2 vech/site 14 days. They have 2 pit toilets and piped water.

Russ Andris