North Salem

Baxter Road Tract

Baxter Road itself is a 1.5 mile long dirt road, Baxter Road Tract is an area of approx 1500 acres of open rolling fields transected by trails. There is a large pond in the middle of the tract which is a great spot for rover to cool down. Horseback riders, runners, walkers alike all enjoy the tract. Entrance is free to all, the area is maintained by the North Salem Open Land Foundation. For the adventurous, many many many horse riding trails criss cross the town of North Salem.

Stanton Fields

Also in North Salem, Wallace Road ->Norton->Vail->Finch->Spring Valley Loop is a five mile loop, some killer hills, which is all dirt except for Sping Valley and the Connecticut Section of Wallace (.25 mile). In between the loop, with access from Vail Lane, are the Stanton Fields, 950 acres of open fields crisscrossed by riding trails. The woods along the perimeter also have trails. A not so great trail connects from the back of the fields to Spring Valley Rd.


Cranberry Mountain Multiple Use Area, NYSDEC: Three mile loop through farming trail and woods. Also open for mountain biking and hunting in season. Another nice series of ponds for rover.

Any other great trails or series of winding dirt roads in Putnam County or N. Westchester County Ny, please email me at

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