Devil's Backbone Open Space, Loveland

Directions: From I-25, take the Hwy. 34 exit at Loveland.  Go west on 34 (aka. Eisenhower Blvd.) through Loveland.  As you begin to near the foothills, the Highway will converge from four lanes into two.  Approx. 1 mile beyond this point will be the turn off for the trail on the right.  It's marked by a small sign at the crest of a hill so keep your eyes peeled!

Trail Information: This trail consists of three loops with connector trails between them.  The total mileage for all three loops is 7 miles, but shorter routes can be found on the first two loops. A mix of running surfaces, from dirt singletrack to technical sandstone bedrock. A few steep hills, but much of the trail is on gently rolling terrain, lots of fun!

Miscellaneous Information: Scenic overlook at the Keyhole on Loop 1 is great at sunset.
Bikes, horses, and hikers all use this trail.
Bathrooms and water available at the trailhead.

David Egley