Smuggler Mine Trail, Aspen

Directions: the 4WD trail is located on the northeast side of Aspen ascending Smuggler Mtn. You can see it from many locations in town by looking in that general direction. Near the trail head parking lot there are a few signs showing the way and it is a cinch to find.

Trail Information: A nice 900ft gradual incline to a lookout deck. Great views of the town and the Elk Range. I'm not sure of the distance but it usually takes me 30 minutes or so to get there. Then you can go on and on up Smuggler mtn. I ran 1400 ft up before turning back and I'm sure there was at least another 1000 ft incline more to go before topping out.

Miscellaneous Information: A popular trail system. It appears to be a locals favorite. The trail is open to motorized traffic and mtn bikers . Rarely though have I come across motorized traffic. Every time I get away to Aspen I hit this trail.

Mark Phannenstiel