Waldo Canyon, Manitou Springs

Directions:  West of Colorado Springs on Hwy 24, pass exit signs for Manitou Springs.  Go thru one traffic light on Hwy 24 and continue up canyon about 1 1/2 - 2 miles look for a "Waldo Canyon Trailhead" sign on the right.   The road is pretty curvy thru here so the turnoff for the trailhead comes up quick.

Trail Information:   From trailhead go up some wooden stairs that lead directly into the dirt trail.  At about 1 1/2 miles you get to a sign that says "Waldo Loop 3 1/2 miles"  and you can go either right or left (I usually go right).  The trail is really easy to follow and has quite a bit of uphill rewarded by some level and downhill terrain.  The loop spits you back out at the sign and you continue out the same way as you came.

Miscellaneous Information:  Trail running specific shoes strongly recommended.  Roady shoes will do, but I recommend beefy treads for some of the rocky sections.  Beware of weekend traffic on nice days, I've counted up to 20 cars in the parking lot before.  PLEASE DON'T LITTER AND PICK UP AFTER YOUR DOG(S).

amy martin