Burr Pond Loop, Torrington

Directions: Take exit 46 off Route 8. Turn left off the exit if you're northbound; right if you're southbound. Turn left at the traffic light. Turn right at the next light. Entrance to Burr Pond State Park is on the left but I park for free at the boat launch a little further on. The trail runs right across the boat launch parking lot.

Trail Information: This is a 2.5 to 3 mile loop around the Pond. The trail has lots of roots and rocks for most of it. It has a few brief climbs and stays wet in several places for days after a good rain. The trail disappears at the picnic/beach area. Just stick close to the pond and you'll find it again. The trail is blue blazed.

Miscellaneous Information: The John Muir trail (black blaze) connects to this trail and connects Burr Pond State Park to Sunnybrook State Park 2.1 miles away. You can take it as an out and back to add miles.

Mark Orelup