Three Tiers of  Love, Hartford

Directions: RT 44w to Satan's Kingdom, park, stand with back to the river, run left,  take first left up Breezy Hill Road, at T in the road go right, at top of hill take right between the mountain laurel, oh heck... you won't find it

Trail Information: Start low, do 3 levels of love,end high, if you're smart you'll park in the middle and refuel along the way. This is probably locals only knowledge as I may be the only local that does this run besides my dog and my girlfriend. 3 different loops all about 1.5 miles in length, that are connected by a corridor that climbs in elevation. Total distance= 6-16miles depending on how you slice it.

Miscellaneous Information:: Email me and we'll run this route or I'll try to explain it better, I seriously doubt it is something you'll find on your own, not because it's that special but because of it's unique lay out.