Croom, Brooksville

Directions: 275 North. Exit on 301 (old 61). Go past Speedway gas station of right and Denny's on left. Go to second light just before overpass. Make left onto curvy Croom Road. Continue to follow paved road. Will turn into dirt/rocky road. Continue until you reach the trailhead, noted with signs and parking places on grass.

Trail Information: Challenging park with lots of trails. Mountain biking and horse back riding is common. Three catagories of trails include hiking, biking, and horseback riding. Hikers/runners are permitted on the biking trails as well, though they must yield to the bikers. Tough hills on the hiking trail with varying terrains of sand, grass, packed dirt. Good places to place "drops" of water and or food. Well maintained trails and an overall wonderful place to run if you're looking for a tough trail!