Kennesaw Mountain, Kennesaw, Marietta

Directions:  From Atlanta, take Interstate 75 north to Barrett Parkway. Exit left onto Barrett Parkway and follow signs to ranger station.

Trail Information:  From the ranger station, you have several options. The best trail is the one that goes around the mountain (approx) 2.3 miles to the main road (Burnt Hickory). From there you can cross and continue to several areas. The round trip from the ranger station to Kolb Farm and circling back is 16.2 miles which makes for a great long run. The other option is run over the tops of both the big and little but the back sides of both is pretty dangerous as a true vertical drop without good footing. The terrain varies from point to point but is generally clear and packed with dirt and pine needles. The course is extremely hilly and in some cases as on Kennesaw Mountain, very mountainous. For those not accustomed to running hills, I would not recommend it unless you decide to walk the hills. From the main path are several offshoots for the avid trail runner, through streams, up 90 degree verticals, etc. It is really nice. For those that like scenery, it is beautiful. If you get out before 8am, you are likely to see deer and other wild life throughout the course. There are a total of 4 starting points you can run from and the mileage varies from each location. Since the trail runs  from from the ranger station, over two mountains and than winds through smaller rolling hills, the distance and location will vary for instance from Burnt Hickory to Cheatam Hill is 2.6 miles. Add another 2.3 from the ranger station. The ranger station has maps so you can map out your run. There are several water fountains on the paths. I recommend this course to any trailrunner visiting the Atlanta area.

Miscellaneous Information:  Bathrooms are available at the ranger station and include gatorade machine, water fountain and gift shop. There are water fountains at Burnt Hickory, Cheatham Hill and Kolb farm, as well. Trail shoes are suggested if you plan to deviate from the path and take the offshoot trails. If not, running shoes will suffice.
Also, long runs are run from the mountain every Sat and Sun from 3-8 hours.

Jon Moskal