Red Top Mountain, Acworth

Directions: Take I-75 North out of Atlanta to Exit 285 (Red Top Mountain).  Go right at the exit for about two miles and the visitor center will be on your left.  Park There.  $2.00 parking fee

Trail Information: Although there are several short trails the one I run (5 miles - Orange Blaze) is what I call a balloon with a string.  You run about a mile from the visitor center (the string), then do about a three mile loop (balloon) and back down the string to the parking lot.  It is very difficult - very little is flat - you are always going up or down, lots of roots and lots of rocks. 

Miscellaneous Information: It is absolutely gorgeous, although I wouldn't recommend sightseeing very long or you'll be on your face.  One time during my 45 minute run I counted 18 deer.  It's a long way, it costs a couple of bucks (although Wed. used to be free) and it is difficult but it's nice to do every once in a while

Gary Hosmer