Heritage Trail, Dubuque

Directions:: Highway 52 north from Dubuque.  About 5 miles outside the city.  Watch for signs, turn left.  Large parking lot by a lake. 

Trail Information:: 25 miles of gorgeous trail that goes from Dubuque to Dyersville in the wooded country along highway 52 north.  There are plenty of places to stop and get water.  Run over bridges, through cornfields, and tiny towns... next thing you know your under a tunnel of trees!  So pretty :)

Miscellaneous Information:: I would not suggest running alone, especially if you are a woman.  It is pretty secluded but definitely worth checking out!  A lot of bikers especially during summer so make sure you are noticeable!  Packed Limestone / Dirt trail -- flat course, very nice!  If it just rained, it could be a little messy ~

JoAnn Lavenz