Swiss Valley Nature Trails, Dubuque

Directions: South of Dubuque in Key West.  Take Military Road for a few miles.  Signs posted, easy to follow.  Go past Swiss Valley campground exit and park at the Nature Center.

Trail Information: GORGEOUS!  You forget your in Iowa :) Many variations of trails from flat valley's with streams / bridges to steep hills in deep woods.  So pretty! Run past trout fishermen or see deer in fields.  Grass and packed trail / dirt.  Comfortable running.  4 or 2 mile loop, add hills for extra workouts.  Worth the drive out of the city...

Miscellaneous Information: Secluded so you would not want to run alone (esp. women).  Good for dogs but a leash is manditory. It would be awesome for Mtn. biking too!

JoAnn Lavenz