Ridge to Rivers Trail System, Boise

Directions:  This information is for new runners or people visiting Boise from out-of-town. If you've ever seen Boise you probably noticed the foothills to the north. These are covered with lots of great trails, probably over 100miles of trails from beginner to advanced (Robie creek!) To get all the information about these trails and highly detailed maps visit one of the local running shops or the downtown YMCA (runners mecca) and get the Ridge to Rivers trail guide. Best $5 you'll spend.

Trail Information:   Stop by Bandanna Running (I think its on 6th street downtown) or The Athletes Foot on State St. just west of the capital. The YMCA is also on State just west of the capital.

Miscellaneous Information: A favorite local race is called "The Race to Robie Creek" its a 1/2marathon with a very serious vertical rise on dirt roads (although it gets so steep I don't think cars would want to drive this). The race is held in the spring after most of the snow has melted.