McNaughton Park (Potowatomi Trail), Pekin

Directions: Take 474 to 29 towards Pekin.  Take Rt. 98 through two lights.  Turn right at the top of the hill and enter McNaughton Park. Follow driveway until it ends. Park near big trees at the end of the driveway. Look north and you'll see the trail head. The trail is marked with Red paint and red signs.

Trail Information: 10 Mile loop. 100% trail. Three creek crossings. Mostly single track in the dense woods. There are a few open prairie areas.

Miscellaneous Information: Home of the McNaughton Park Trail Runs. There is a 10 mile fun run, a 30 mile, 50 mile, and a grueling 100 mile trail run.  The race is scheduled for April 16, 2005.  5th Annual.

 Andy Weinberg