Wild Wilderness Trail, Danville

Directions:  Located in Kickapoo State Park on the north side of Danville, IL (East-Central Illinois). Take I-74 into Danville and look for signs to Kickapoo State Park.  Once in the park, there are several signs (and park maps) to the trailhead which is located next to a ranger/park station. The trail is in the north section of the park.

Trail Information:   This is a great 7.6 mile rugged loop trail.  It's a hilly dirt trail through trees with several shorter flat grass sections that are in the open.  Trail can be very difficult when accompanied by mud, snow, and/or ice. Another tough trail, Clear Pond, starts and ends next to the Wilderness trailhead.  If the 7.6 mile loop isn't sufficient, add the 3 mile Clear Pond trail loop--it has even more hills and turns than the Wilderness course.

Miscellaneous Information: There are two good races run on the trail each year--one in early January and another in late September.  The local Danville running club (Kennekuk Road Runners) organizes both trail races.