North Shore Trail system, Clinton Lake, Lawrence

Directions: Directions to North Shore Clinton Lake from Kansas City:
-West on I-70
-Take Exit 197
-South on 10 Highway (E 850 Rd)
-Right at "Clinton Lake" exit
-Right onto N 1402 Rd
-West on 10 Highway
-Watch for, and follow the "10" signs through Lawrence; there will be a left and a right as it snakes through Lawrence
-Right at Clinton Lake exit
-Left onto N 1402 Rd

Trail Information: The North Shore Trail has over 21 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails which begin in the Overlook Park and much of the north shore of the lake from the north end of the dam to the Coon Creek arm of the lake.  These are well-marked, wonderful single-track trails.

Miscellaneous Information: More information at or

Ben Holmes