Audubon State Park, Henderson

Directions: Audubon State Park is less than a mile south of the twin bridges where US 41 crosses the Ohio River.  From north, go south from Evansville, IN on US 41, cross the bridge and watch for park on left. From south, travel to Henderson, KY. Keep going toward Evansville and watch for park on right.

Trail Information: Only about 7 miles of trails unless some loops are run multiple times. Easy to get 10-15 miles. Trails are enjoyable, well kept, with some really difficult hills. Low areas  can be muddy in wet weather but no water obstacles. Forested except for cross small earthen dam. 

Miscellaneous Information: The park is in honor of John James Audubon so you can have a lot of bird watchers. Because it was not designed for runners there are steps on some of the really steep hills. In most cases you can run along side steps. I used this park to prep for the McKay Madness 25km and it worked well.

Russell E. Vance