Moss Ridge-Stephen Brackett-Lakeshore, Prestonsburg

Directions:   From Lexington take I-64 east, pick up Mountain Parkway and travel to Prestonsburg.  Trails are located in Jenny Wiley State Park two miles outside of town.

Trail Information:   A unique consecutive blending of three separate trails.  If you begin with Moss Ridge the trail meanders for over a half mile around the side of a hill with lots of up and down before heading straight up.  Only the best conditioned hill runners will complete this leg.  At the top of the ridge runners will be challenged with lots of up and down and roots and rocks, but will find opportunity to stretch it out before coming down the hill about a mile later.  Once down from Stephen Brackett trail runners will begin the second half of the run by jumping down on the Lakeshore trail.  The first half will challenge your lungs but the last half will give you the freedom to sprint to your heart's content as you wind around the shore.

Miscellaneous Information: This is the best dirt run in east Kentucky.  Try it in the early mornings when fog still hangs around the lake. Lots of parking available around the lodge or boat docks.

Claude Ratliff