Great Spillway Classic Trail, Norco (near New Orleans)

Directions:   From New Orleans:
Proceed westbound on Interstate 10, exit at I-310 turning south to Airline Hwy (US 61) exit west on US Hwy 61 and continue @ 5 miles to Norco. The Spillway Pavilion will be on your right side, just prior to the Spillway Bridge. Turn right onto the levee roadway, which leads to the Pavilion an Boat Launch.

Trail Information:   (The Great Spillway Classic Trail Run is held each year in July, this years date is July 15th. Check the NOTC website at for information)
**The Spillway Classic is the 2nd largest trail run in the USA
The Spillway has numerous trails, the Spillway Classic 3 mile trail run begins adjacent to the Pavilion and proceeds towards the levee. Turn left on top of the levee and continue north for @ 1-1/4 miles. Then turn off the levee to your left and proceed into the Spillway Trail. Continue on the pathway towards the canal. Turn left just before running into the Canal (not advised) the trail continues parallel back towards the pavilion.

Miscellaneous Information:  Beware of critters. Snakes, nutria, wild pigs, perhaps a gator (that's Alligator) who particularly like flesh from non-Louisiana residents. Pending rainfall, it can be quite muddy and wet, which means more fun. Generally the trail is hard packed sand surface with numerous lower area water troughs and mud bogs, that's Louisiana mud (see note about shoes later in article) The trail has several extensions that go back towards the levee, keep to the trail that parallels the canal only. It can be very hot and humid and mosquito's frequent this area. Bring water and insect repellant. It might be a good idea also to bring another pair of shoes, take the ones you wore for the run and throw them away afterwards and put on the other pair. They're not salvageable.

 Chuck George, DIrector, New Orleans Track Club