C & O Canal Trail, Cumberland MD / Wash DC

Directions:  Check the web site to find out where you want to get on it, at 184 miles there are a lot of different ways to enjoy this gem.  http://www.nps.gov/choh/

Trail Information: The C & O follows the route of the historic canal. The trail is wide and flat. It is sandy although quite rocky in some sections that were washed out by a large storm a few years ago. There are several campsites and places for resupply. The transition from Cumberland down into the heart of DC is amazing

Miscellaneous Information:  The Billy Goat trail is directly off it in Great Falls park. The southeastern section is used quite extensively by bikers and hikers on the weekends.

Jamie Webster

It runs from Georgetown in Washington D.C. to Maryland. It is a circuit trail and there are plenty of places to stop around the circuit. This trail runs along the Potomac river and is splendid to behold in the Fall. Both trails (North Central Railroad Trail and C & O) offer a fair amount of shade and the paths are fairly well worn. The C&O is bit rougher and has considerably more stones, etc. in some spots.

Elisa Velarde