Greenbrier State Park, Hagerstown

Directions: From Route I-70 East of Hagerstown, Maryland. . .

1.  Take I-70 Exit 35 and get on State Route 66 South,

2.  Proceed south on Route 66 about one and a half miles and turn Left (East) on State Route 40,

3.  Proceed east on Route 40 about four miles (up South Mountain) and turn right into the entrance of Greenbrier State Park,

4.  Proceed about a mile to the entry kiosk and pay the entry fee*,

5.  Proceed another half mile and bear right and find a parking place in one of the right-most parking lots.

6.  From the lot, look across the lake to its right side (a dyke) and that's a great place to enter the trail system.

* - At this writing, it's $4 for out-of-state folks, per vehicle.    

Trail Information: Pick up a map at the entrance kiosk or look at the map sign at the trail entrance described in #6, above.  (The trails system has a map sign posted at each of its major junctions.)  There is an outer ring trail circuit that encompasses about seven miles of mountainous trails with connecting trails that cut through the middle.  These trails take you through rocky mountainous terrain with long stretches of rock-free trail.  Make your run as long as you like.  There is no safe water or any other services (except in the warm season when the park provides services for loads and loads of swimmers at the lake), so take everything you'll need along with you.  That said, you're never terribly far from the parking lot. 

Miscellaneous Information: This run takes you though lots of Catoctin granite and meta-basalt and old abandoned homesteads.  There are no scenic overlooks; it's a closed-in forest run pure and simple. . .but quite nice anyway.  This course is one of the Olympic Games mountain biking qualification runs, so be alert for cyclists (me among them when I'm not running). . . .and deer hunters in season.  Afterward, you can go back westward on Route 40 about four miles for a soda at the Sheet's store at the intersection of Rt. 66.      

Michael S. Arant