Patuxent Ponds Park, Crofton

Directions: From DC or Baltimore:  Take either I-95 or 295 to HWY 32.  Head east (towards Annapolis) and then turn South on HWY 170.  South of HWY 175, HWY 170 becomes Piney Orchards Pkwy, then South of Piney Orchards it becomes Patuxent Rd.  Once you're on Patuxent Rd, the park will be a mile or two down on your right.

Trail Information: The trail head is to the right of the ponds.  There's a flat .5 mile loop and then to the right of that is the entrance to a series of interconnected trails.  It's a combination of covered wooded trails, sandy bottom trails, you can run along the rail road (lots of rocks here) and there's the remnants of a sand quarry.  In the quarry area you're exposed and the temperature goes up a bit.  It does allow you to just run wherever you'd like though and really let loose.

Miscellaneous Information: This place is great.  Besides the guys in my group we've never encountered another runner there--just the occasional camper.  We've also run up to 8 miles without running the same trail twice.  This place is unmarked and unmaintained--run at your own risk.  Check it out on Google Earth before you go so that you're a bit more oriented. 

James Toole