High Banks Trail, Oscoda / Tawas

Directions:  From Oscoda travel west on River Road.  Follow signs to Lumberman's Monument.  The trail extends from Iargo Springs to Sidtown Resort area.  This trail is segmented by roadside parks and lookouts.

Trail Information:  Trail starts at Iargo Springs which includes a set of about 300 steps (at trail but not part of it).  The trail winds through pine and oak forests along the river banks of the AuSable river.  It passes through Canoer's Memorial roadside park (A scenic overlook) and next enters the park at Lumberman's Monument (Huron National Forest campground, gift shop, information station, another set of about 300 steps down to the river,  and a huge dune with refreshing swimming at the bottom... if you can get back up the dune!)  The trail continues through forests and along river banks to the Sidtown area where cabins are available for rental and a general store awaits with a variety of supplies.  The whole trail is around 8 miles but can easily be divided into smaller sections.

Miscellaneous Information:  I have ran/walked/hiked several trails across the country and this is a beautiful trail.  The views of the river... the evergreens...  the wildlife...  the quiet.  It's an awesome run.

Bob O'Neil