Proud Lake State Recreation Area - Detroit Metro Area

Proud Lake State Rec Area is conveniently located in the Detroit Metro Area. The park offers miles of secluded paths that wind through the pine plantations, through marsh bogs, and open prairie. The route is mostly flat with, but offers runners loop possibilities of up to 10 miles. This park is a great run not so much because of the terrain, but because of the seclusion. Of all the great areas to get out and run in the woods around this area, this is one of the few that isn't overused. Mountain bikes are also prohibited on the main trails-they are limited to the horse trails, which makes it safer for the runners.

Other great trails in the area are Pontiac Lake State Rec Area, Highland State Rec Area, Bald Mountain State Rec Area, Island Lake State Rec Area, as well as many others. All of these trails are used heavily by Mountain Bikers, so be careful. Pontiac Lake offers 2 main loop variations that are very technical, roots, rocks, and hills. It's a challenge! There is a 10 mile loop and an inner loop that shortens the trail by about 3 miles. Highland has 4 loops that offer as little as 4 miles, to as long as about 16 miles, of all up and down trail running. This one will burn the quads for sure! Bald Mountain and Island Lake are also very good trails that offer loops of up to 15 miles. The trails are endless around here, and I am fortunate enough to live smack dab in the middle of it all!

Patt/West Blmfld, MI