Grindstone/Hinkson Creek Recreation Areas, Columbia

Directions: For the Grindstone Trailhead, take Old 63 just South of Stadium, entrance on the West side of road.  Also access at Capen Park (Stadium to College Ave., South on College Ave), and Hinkson Creek fields (Off Providence, just South and below Faurot Field and Mizzou Arena).

Trail Information: This trail runs just over 4 miles on a wide, crushed gravel/limestone trail, but from the Grindstone trailhead (just off Old 63), there are several singletrack trails that include brief but steep climbs and root and rock obstacles.  Runners can craft a good hour-long run by leaving the gravel track near just across the first bridge at the Old 63 trailhead and near the old silo; that singletrack portion runs about a mile, and picks up the gravel track near Capen Park.  Other singletrack opportunities crop up just before the MU recreational fields and below Mizzou Arena, one at about a half-mile for Capen Park (pretty hidden) and then about a 1/3 mile from the trailhead at the MU recreation fields (look for the open clearing with on the South side of the track, just past the CampusView neighborhood).  The gravel track is always in good shape and is regularly used; the singletrack portions are usually empty.  The trail winds along the creeks and has at least!
  4 bridge crossings.  There's no drinking water, but there is ample parking, and, port-a-potties at the trailheads.

Miscellaneous Information: Figuring out the intertwined nature of the singletrack trails which shoot-off the main gravel track takes a time or two, but this trail offers some semi-technical opportunities right in the heart of the City.  The singletrack starting points are pretty inconspicuous, so it may take some looking to locate them.

Matt Kitzi