Kaintuck Trail--Mill Creek Recreation Area, Newburg (near Rolla)

Directions: Take I-44 to the Newburg/Doolittle exit and turn south on Hwy T. Pass through Doolittle and drive ~2 miles to Newburg. Stay on T through the town (watch the speed limit), crossing RR tracks and the Little Piney river, then turn right on P. After approximately 3 miles turn left on gravel County Road 7550 (the "Mill Creek" sign is currently down 2/6/00) and follow this road ~2 mi. to the picnic area. Turn left over a bridge to cross Mill Creek and you will see trailheads along the road to your right.

Trail Information:  A network of trails (15 miles total) consisting of a ridge trail and 5 loops that run into the valleys and along streams and springs. Mostly excellent running surfaces, but it gets technical with rocks and bedrock on some hills. Cool natural bridge with a spring flowing through. Mountain bikers and horses also use the trail.

Miscellaneous Information:  You will probably need a map, unless you enjoy getting lost =) Maps are available at the Mark Twain National Forest Headquarters I-44 -> Southernmost Rolla Exit (Kingshighway aka Business Loop) -> Fairgrounds Rd.

David Egley