Landahl Park, Blue Springs/Kansas City

Directions:   From Kansas City take 70E to Blue Springs.  Take exit 20 (highway 7) and go north (take a left and go back under the overpass).  Keep going for a few miles, the road will cut down to two lanes.  Soon after a junk yard on the right you'll see a small brown sign that says 'Lake city range'.  Take this right.  The turns are sharp be careful!  You'll eventually come to a stop sign, keep going, you'll crest a couple more hills then you'll see the shooting range on the left.  Keep going about .5 miles further and the parking lot for the trailhead will be on your left. 

Trail Information:   This trail is heavily wooded single track most of the time with stints of open field and wide tracks.  It is mainly hard packed with the typical rock and root obstacles.  It acquires quite a leaf coverage in the fall, my ankles beg you to watch your step!  The trail is designated for biking, hiking (running!) and cross country skiing and I've never had trouble sharing the trails with our wheeled friends.  And for as many times as I've run out there, I can't tell you the mileage!  I have run for a good hour and half, however, and never cruised the same trail twice.  As with many trails you just have to get out there and find what suits you.  You'll enter at a cattle gate at the far right end of the parking lot and cross a field to get to the official trail head where there is a map casing.  If you stay on the main trail, it makes a big loop and you can't get lost.  But there are MANY offshoots so take a compass if you plan on exploring.  There is no water available, but there is a latrine across the street at the horse riding trail head. (There are several gas stations on hwy 7 for water and snacks and such). There are basically two 'sides' of trails.  One is nice rolling single track (mainly) with the occasional rocky stint, but nothing tricky.  This one is great for 'zoning' out and just going forever.  The other portion is extremely technical, especially if you're biking, or if the trail is wet.  If you opt for this part in the spring, be prepared for a couple of creek crossings.  Most of the time you can rock hop, but sometimes you just have to get wet.  Just a pearl, you will hear gun shots from the range...I like to pretend I'm training at Quantico...weird yea, but it makes me run faster:)
WARNING!!!  Not all of the trails are well marked, (one interesting diversion will take you across a gravel pit, just keep going, the trail does pick up again!) be sure to keep your bearings until you're used to the area.

Miscellaneous Information:  This is a very well maintained trail please keep it that way!!  If it's muddy, please don't bike, ruts are a pain for everyone.  This is a great fall/winter run.  It's definitely doable in the spring and summer, just be sure to lather up with tick repellant!  For more information on this park and others contact the Jackson County Parks and Recreation 816-795-8200.