Parkville Nature Sanctuary, Parkville

Directions:   I-29 to 64th(45 highway) west on 64th to 9 highway, south on 9 through Parkville (stay on the left in fork on road),  sits behind the Park College Track on left hand side of road.

Trail Information:   A circuitous winding trail goes over and along water in numerous places (all with bridges of some sort), takes you through the woods, up and down some smaller hills, and along Riss Lake Dam, Trail is maintained by the city and usually is in real nice shape, there are areas to sit and enjoy scenery but do not conflict with users of the trail, new branches are popping up each year going further back into the woods (mostly up-hill initially),  mileage depends on loop taken and how far you want to go into newer trails

Miscellaneous Information: Can get messy when wet, keeps runner in the shade for the majority of the run, beautiful!

Brandon Thompson