Rockbridge State Park, Columbia

Directions: Kinda tricky.  It would be best to check out this website:

Trail Information: Total trail distance (including Gan's Creek section) at least 12 miles, probably more.
Trail types:
Grassland - grass path about 10 feet wide are cut through otherwise grass-covered hills.   Two different parts of the park.
River Run - (mostly) packed dirt trails that run through in the river/creek valley.
Shallow Hills - packed dirt and/or rocky footing
Boardwalk - short 3/4 loop that takes you to the Devil's Ice Box cave and over the Rock Bridge (hence the regional name).
Gan's Creek - conglomeration of the above trail types, unmarked.  Although this part of the park is set aside as a 'wild area,' the trails are clearly trodden and they perform minor trail maintainance.

Miscellaneous Information: University of Missouri Cross Country runs a lot of informal long runs at this park.

David Mertens