Natchez Trace Hiking and Horse Trail, Ridgeland

Directions: Take the Natchez Trace north from Ridgeland to the West Florida Boundary parking area (2nd parking area after the Reservoir Overlook).  Trailhead starts at this parking area.

Trail Information: This trail starts at the West Florida Boundary and follows the Natchez Trace till at least the River Bend Camp Ground approximately 14-15 miles north.  It covers rolling hills and crosses creeks, wetlands, and inlets from the Reservoir.

The trail is open to only hikers/runners and horseback riders.  Unfortunately, due to the abundance of clayey soils, there are several areas that are severely pitted due to the horses.  Walking is sometimes the safest option in these areas

Miscellaneous Information: There is water available at the Highway 43 trailhead (spigot for the horse watering trough) and there is water and restrooms at the River Bend parking area.

The trail is well marked with blazes.  However, there are a few locations where one must leave the trees, run along the Trace to get over a few inlets to the Reservoir, then leave the Trace to get back onto the Trail.  Pay attention to the trail signs and blazes during these times.

Ethan Mayeu