McClellan Creek, Helena

Directions: Take Hwy 12 east out of Helena. East Helena is the next small town, just 3 miles east.  As you are leaving East Helena, about 1 mile out, take McClellan Creek Rd which goes south.  Follow this road for 9 miles, do not take the sharp turn right, stay straight which takes you to a campground.  Take the first right north from campground, and continue on this road for another 1.5 miles.  Park at the McClellan Creek Trailhead.

Trail Information: There are several trails in this area.  My favorite is to begin on TR343, clearly marked, and after the first half mile, turn at the first right, which keeps you following along McClellan Creek TR 302.  The trail is very easy to follow, the next trail intersection is 2 miles up, and is called Willard Creek trail.  I stay on 302 and go an added half mile until it intersects with TR 301.  I turn around and run back same way, making it 5 miles total, great run, hills, small streams, variety of up and down.  Takes me one hour.

Miscellaneous Information: You can add challenge to this run by going up TR301 which climbs quickly for a great cardio and incline training.  I have also gone up TR343 for 3 miles, all incline.  This hike/run takes 2 hours if you go to Casey Meadows and return same way - making it a 6 mile up and back.

Wendi Hammond