South Cottonwood Creek Trail, Bozeman

Directions: From Hwy. 191, turn south onto Cottonwood Rd.  Go about 8 miles, past the turns for Hyalite Lake, Pasha and Starling Rds. Keep winding around until you come to the trailhead on your left.  Take a left and follow the road back for 2 miles or so.    

Trail Information: A fun rolling trail through forest and green fields dotted with alpine wildflowers.  Nice hills and a few creek crossings on log bridges.  Well-maintained single-track trail that offers some areas for quick scrambling around rocks and roots.  The trail goes back to History Rock about 6 miles but I've heard you can make this trail as long as 26 miles. 

Miscellaneous Information: Horses and mountain bikes.  It's well used so bear spray probably isn't necessary but just in case, wear a bear bell and put one on your dog.