Greensboro Watershed Trails, Greensboro

Directions: Call the Lake Brandt Marina at 336-545-5333 for directions, trail maps, and more information.

Trail Information:  The Greensboro Watershed Trails consist of eleven trails totaling 31.8 miles around the Greensboro Municipal Reservoirs. The trails are named as follows with corresponding mileage: 1-Bald Eagle Trail (3mi), 2-Beech Bluff Trail (1mi), 3-Lake Higgins Trail (.5mi), 4-Nat Greene Trail (3.2mi), 5-Reedy Fork Trail (3.7mi), 6-Owl's Roost Trail (5.2mi). 7-Laurel Bluff Trail (3.5mi), 8-Piedmont Trail (3mi), 9-Peninsula Trail (1.2mi), 10-Osprey Trail (2.4mi), 11-Townsend Trail (5.1mi).  

These wilderness trails are preserved in a primitive manner so be prepared for some roots, fallen tree's, and rocky sections.  I will say the majority of the trails consist of good old packed dirt and rolling hills.  Most of the trails are without loops so be prepared for out and backs. 

My favorite run is the 12 mile combo loop of Piedmont Trail/Owl's Roost Trail/Nat Greene Trail.  Run this loop in late October and you'll think you've died and gone to heaven.

The only water stops while running the Greensboro Watershed Trails are at Bur Mill Park (off Owl's Roost Trail), Lake Brandt Marina (off Nat Greene Trail), and Bryan Park (off Townsend Trail).  I would recommend bringing your own supply. 

Miscellaneous Information:  If your lucky, you might find yourself with the unique opportunity to view our Bald Eagle friends while running the 3 mile Bald Eagle Trail. 

All trails are adorned with awesome wildflowers, mountain laurel, wildlife, birds, and waterfowl, so stay on the trails and enjoy!

Kelton Durham.