Railroad BridgeTrail, Niobrara

Directions: Take a dirt road north out of town towards the river.  The town is small, there won't be too many options, but the road you want is furthest west in Town.  The dirt road starts at the westernmost edge of the Niobrara Valley Golf Course near Sage Memorial Park.  The trailhead is at the end of the road, right by the Missouri river backwaters.

Trail Information: The trail is mostly crushed rock and follows the base of the Missouri River bluffs, so it's completely flat.  However, after crossing the Railroad bridge a half mile or so into the run, several other much hillier trail options become apparent.  These all climb the bluffs that are immediately to the south/left of the crushed rock trail.  There is lots of great trail running to be had if one is willing to venture deeper into Niobrara State Park itself.

Miscellaneous Information: Niobrara State Park is a beautiful place to spend a couple of days.  If you need more running info, just stop in the park office and ask for Tony Krupicka.  If it's in the summer, chances are that he's up at the park swimming pool as a lifeguard.  He can tell you ANYTHING you need to know about running in and around Niobrara.

Tony Krupicka