Waterville Valley Cross Country Trail Network, Waterville Valley

Directions: Route 93 Exit 28, east on Rt. 49. Follow Rt. 49 into Waterville Valley.

Trail Information: Over 100 miles of well-marked, maintained trails crisscross the Waterville Valley region. With seven 4,000 foot peaks located within the Valley, runners of all abilities can find a satisfying trek. From the 4,315 ft. summit of Mount Osceola, the views are fabulous. The three peaks of Tripyramid also offer an outstanding challenge, also with views to match.
Those looking for a more relaxed hike will find our network of trails around the valley floor more to their liking. Ranging from cross-country ski trails, to woods roads, to singletrack, the trail running in Waterville Valley allows everyone to enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape. 

Miscellaneous Information: lodging and other family activities can be found at www.waterville.com