Blue Diamond trail, Blue Diamond

Directions: Turn south onto Castella St from SR 159 at Blue Diamond.  About 100 yards south of the bridge the trail (which is popular with mountain bikers in the area) heads to the west.

Trail Information: The trail is fairly prominent and easy to follow towards a solitary hill straight to the west.  About 1/2 mile west follow the trail to the left.  At approximately 1 mile the trail curves to the south then again to the west around the south side of the hill.  At about 2 miles the trail makes a sharp turn to the north around the west side of the hill then turns again back to the east back toward Blue Diamond.  Total distance approximately 4 miles.

Miscellaneous Information: You may see wild burros or at least a lot of their droppings.  The trail is pretty rocky and rough so be very alert and wear good trail shoes.

Bret Spears