Westchester Comm. College trail, Valhalla

Directions:  Enter the community college from many points.   Easiest is the Rt. 100 entry from the North end of the campus (exit Sprain Pkwy. at the Eastview exit)  Park at the Physical Education building.

Trail Information: This is a fairly new trail (within the last 3 years), built by some local high school coaches as a cross country course.  The trail is going to be the site of the 1999 New York State Pulic High School cross country Championships in Nov.  It is a multiple loop course to total 5k of running, with wood chip trails of flat running to very hilly running.  The trail starts on the field on the north end of the P.E. building, running past the tennis courts and entering the woods.   It then swings right, exiting woods near fence by football field, running along the fence and back to start, then proceeds back across starting field to go down the hill to football field, takes a left and runs along outside of the fence, entering woods to run south.  At spot where you can turn right do it, trail now begins series of ups and downs till it loops back to the football field where once again it goes out to starting field, then loops to tennis courts, runs along the fence of courts, turn right down hill to enter football field and run loop of field to finish in front of stadium seats.

Miscellaneous Information: Good parking, water available inside P.E. building.  Maps available through local h.s. coaches (scarsdale, Harrison, etc.)